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Replenish Structural Integrity – Choose Our Repair Services in Swansea, West Glamorgan

Greenleaf Construction & Property Investors is proud to offer inimitable structural repair services. Based in Swansea, West Glamorgan, our reputable team remedies a large number of problems with fixes ranging from brick repairs to crack stitching.

Approved Installations

 Many of the repairs we carry out make use of HeliBfix - an industry-leading product with fantastic results. The services we offer include:

- Brick and Crack Stitching
- Repointing
- Removal of Damaged Concrete
- Removal of Damaged Stone
- Removal of Damaged Brick
- Removal of Damaged Masonry
- Repairs
- Cosmetic Finishes
- Wall Tie Replacement

Multifaceted Solutions

Structural repairs may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the products used to construct your home simply begin to break down. Other times, structural weaknesses are the result of erosion caused by salt, sea air, weather, infestations, and imposed loads.

Contact us today, in Swansea, West Glamorgan, to organise the structural repair services we offer, including crack stitching.

Saving You Money

The solutions we offer are a more cost-effective, efficient way of managing structural issues. While saving you the expense of repairing elements rather than replacing them entirely, we work swiftly to ensure any disruption to the property is minimised.

Free Quotations

For your convenience, free advice and quotations are available, and the surveys we carry out are delivered according to exact industry specification.